We have decided to feature a piece of produce in our weekly Organic Produce boxes. Part of our mission is for our customers/friends to become healthier because our Sweet & Sour Bliss.Part of that is from the healthy products we share with you. The other part, is by the sharing of information. I mean why should I eat this green thing I have never seen in my box? I am sure that has crossed your mind at some point. And if it is new food, or one that I am less familiar with, can I get some help on what to do with it.

Our first featured Organic Vegetable is Rainbow Chard. It is a combination of varieties of Chard, not a separate variety of chard. Chard is leafy green vegetable that is a great source fiber, Vitamin A, C, K, choline and the minerals Magnesium, Iron and Manganese. We like Rainbow Chard a few different ways. The first, is to add it to any salad, get a little more green variety to the standard lettuce, spinach, etc. that you probably already use. We also like it sauted in either pastured butter or extra virgin organic coconut oil and a little of our Fish Delight – Soran Bushi Seasoning.