Sweet & Sour Bliss’s Promise to Our Customers


Yeah, we believe in transparency, honesty and promising our customers that the product they buy is up to OUR standards.

Our promise is to treat our customers, employees and the earth with respect. We are committed to being a VERY different company that believes we will be part of the solution to what ales the world, or at least our health.

Sweet & Sour Bliss Products

We promise to produce only products that we believe are healthy. We may disagree on what is healthy, but we won’t sell a product that we believe is unhealthful. If we discover we have been wrong about the healthfulness of one of our products, we promise to admit our error and disclose our error to our customers. And more importantly, we will STOP producing any product we believe is not healthful.

Our Products are sugar free, gluten free, additive free,  dye free, preservative free. We think it is sad that we have to promise these things, but we know we are unusual. We do not use any ingredients from China because we cannot authenticate their wholesomeness.

Sweet & Sour Bliss Ingredients

Sweet & Sour Bliss Promises to use local and Certified Organic ingredients when possible. For some items like are Cocoa Powder, it is not possible to use local ingredients. We will always tell you in our packaging if an ingredient is Organic. We promise not to use Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, or any sweetener in any of our products with anything other than Honey or Fruit. We don’t mean fruit juice or other sweeteners, we mean Fruit that we have dried ourselves or Honey that we have purchased from someone we know and trust. We know that some people will have issues with our choices. We embrace the conversation about what is a healthy product. If an ingredient is locally available and certified Organic, we will use it.

We call ourselves Paleo Friendly  because we believe that focusing on Nutrient Dense food is vital for ourselves and our customers health. We promise NEVER to use vinegar. We will ALWAYS naturally ferment our fermented products in small batches. We are committed to healthy living, which includes probiotics, and a healthy gut.

Sweet & Sour Bliss Packaging

We promise to use packing that can be re-used (glass) or is compostable and sustainable. Our Fermented products are sold exclusively in glass so that the glass containers can be reused by our customers or by us, Or in the worst case they can be recycled.

We mean this. Recycling is not as good as re-use. And while we recycle as much as possible that can not be reused, it is not an excuse.

Our nut and trail mix products are packaged in plant based, compostable bags. If you are an environmentalist you can feel good about purchasing our products. For us recycling is a last resort. Reuse and composting are more desirable.

Even our tasting forks and cups are compostable and sustainable and USA made. If we give you a bag for your purchases, even those are plant based and compostable. We are nothing, if not committed to our principals.

Sweet & Sour Bliss Waste

We Promise to compost all our waste food products.

Personal Energy Commitments

In our “real life’ we drive a combination of plug in electric cars and old diesels that have been converted to  run on waste veggie oil. Our house’s energy is from our Solar Panels. To some people that level of detail doesn’t matter. To us, this was our lifestyle before we began producing products for other people.

Before we sell a product to you we are committed to a future of our planet for our children. We will not sell anything to you that we don’t eat ourselves and serve to our own children.